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June -2016





October 10 - 16 - 2016  


Jey's Amazing Life Tranforming Journey.....

Jey was fascinated with the art of running ones mind. He was working with Ms Ashok Leyland from 1995, one fine day as he was coming back home, he was feeling sad of many things in life. The way the lifestyle is, the economy around him, the righteousness, ethics and morality that had been asked by his parents to practice as virtues and how his situations and people around were not practicing the same but having a confortable living. He was questioning deep within, because of this self introspection insights popped within as what will happen if I am going to walk straight with chest out? what will happen if I am going to believe that I have adequate money with me? what will happen if I believe that I do my job well? What will happen if I can talk confidently? These questions heled him to "try" out the what of his questions and could handle his situation nominally well.

In search of something that can help him to PROGRAM his mind had been running in him. Once he was browsing self help books in "Connections Chennai" he heared the word NLP and the ease and efficacy of this science in programming mind. His search for a book lead him to "NLP The new technology of achievement - Steve Andreas" changed the way he saw, heared, talked, felt and did. That was his bible then and change started happening in his life. 1998 was the year when Dr.Richard Bandlers program been organized by his mentor at Bangalore, this was Richards first and last till date in India. Jey started diving deep into NLP and was using it naturally in his day to day life. It was becoming evident as he decided to quit his job which he did in the year 2001 beggining but he rejoined Ashok Leyland within 9 months. Jey realized that it is not knowing about NLP as well as practicing it with the bits nad pieces of knowledge but to go through a formal certification.

He did his formal certification from Dr.Horton, soon he had been invited to do Trainers and a surprise came in his life when he had been invited personally to join for MASTER TRAINER by Horton himself. From there he had contributed tremendously in creating awareness, educating about NLP. His contributions was the FIRST in India in a HR cite community on NLP till now. In India Jey is recognized as the pioneer in spearheading the NLP moment.

Jey's contribution in the field of Training, Therapy, Counselling, Healing, Education, Behavioral Change, Modelling, Management, Marketing, Leadership, Coaching using NLP had been witnessed by many.

Till date Jey had trained, coached and mentored 6500+ NLPers and the earliest among them still say " Those were the days if you key in NLP and Hypnosis only his name and BASIX used to be shown in google search" .

Jey always believed in "Map is not the territory " with this and his passion of updating and upgrading completed 21 days NLP Trainers certification with Robert and Liz. In his statement Robert said "Jey's written paper is a BENCHMARK acoring the highest till date by anyone who had taken this assesment and kept as a model answer paper" is a witness for Jeys passion and commitmnet towards NLP.

Jey is an authorized Master Trainer for NFNLP  and the first one to be authorized to conduct NLP Trainers Certification in India. He is also an authorized trainer with ABNLP and INLPTA. This in itself a clear proof of how he is GLOBAL in accepting the BEST Parctices in NLP which he strongly BELEIVES in.

Jey's NLP certifications had participants from US, London, Ireland, and many parts of Europe, Srilanka, Indonesia, Australia, Newzealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Italy, Israel, Dubai, UAE, Kuwait and list goes on.

He had guided and mentored many to start and run their counselling, coaching, training and consulting bussiness succesfully.

Jey philosophy is NLP is Life....

NLP-Neuro Linguistic Programming 


 LIFE TRANSFORMING decision that anyone had choosen in their life. Dreams of many to SUCCEED is as easy and very much natural with this WINNING methodology. NLP process makes you be the BEST in BUSSINESS and make you realize yourPOTENTIAL unleashed. EMOTIONAL FREEDOMis achieved by running your own brain.

Secret behind allSUCCESS and ACIEVEMENTS is YOU and you are an Integrated being of BODY, MIND and SOUL. MIND plays a foremost role as it is the CPU that controls all your activities. IMAGINE the UNLIMITED possibilities of expanding your MIND's CAPABILITIES.

MIND your mind to reconnect with your GENIUS with in. You CREATE your own DESTINY and with thisPOWER your capability and skill ofPERSUASION and influence is multiplied.

NLP is MODELLING EXCELLENCE I.e Human experience has STRUCTURE and NLP is a model to decode the structure systematically and once again feeded in to the system of other HUMAN to improve the level of his/her SUCCESS or SKILL or for any thing .

NLP is a way for running ones own BRAIN with awareness. Complete control and understanding of self, others and environment is possible in a minimal time period.

What is NLP, and how does it benefit you? This class, both live and home study, is designed to be a resource for you for the rest of your life, to teach you what NLP is and how to effectively use it. You will learn more in this intensive, power-packed course than most students learn in long, drawn out, training classes. If NLP enables rapid change, why not learn rapidly? We use NLP to teach NLP - in plain, everyday English!!! Have fun, expand your awareness, and experience deep change NOW!!! If youve asked several people what NLP is, you probably received different answers from each one. Thats why those of us at BASIX want to simplify this complicated art, and get you information you can instantly use.

This is the most power-packed, intensive, and useful training you could ever be exposed to. This class goes beyond the jargon of NLP and shows you the secrets of how NLP really works. You will learn and master the NLP techniques that have made NLP famous. We use NLP to teach NLP. You will learn the tools of how to make this rapid-change technology a reality. You will learn  in easy-to-comprehend English -- from the people who exposed the secret myth of NLP. This is an intensive, hands-on experience.

Skills for success!




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Clinical Hypnotherapy

 Key to Unlock our Minds

                       An artificially induced, trance-like mental state in which the subject is more than usually receptive to suggestions. Hypnosis has been used in sport as a relaxation strategy in stress management and in dealing with various psychological problems, such as phobias. Hypnosis has also been used as an intervention strategy to improve the self-confidence of boxers. Hypnotherapy using Hypnosis at Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad India has been the first to be preferred most by all. Value addition to reach your Goals, Change in what you want is achievable with ease. Many had earned Diploma as Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.



Past Life Regression Therapy

Reliving Past Memories Heal You and Your Relationship - Jey



Past Life Regression is the most powerful process for one to arrive at a solution for many problems and challenges which are found unresolved after undergoing many other therapies and healing methods.


Regression is a process of one traveling back in time to relive their past moments those been experienced by them in this present life.


Many problems that the human being may face is because of unresolved issues which had been deeply ingrained in the deeper unconscious from past. These issues are experiences gone through by the person and still is hiding some where deep inside their mind. As the human grow physically even the mental abilities keep pace along with them, as this happens most of the time the mind understands the issues and come out with an understanding of the issues pending with the appropriate solution. This is a natural process of mind, there is no need for one to do anything during this process. If the emotions are deep then these are hidden from surfacing up in the sense is kept secretly deep inside.


These hidden emotions does not surface sooner but instead gives rise to lot of problems in health like psychosomatic diseases that props up for which the right cause cannot be traced out.





Hypno Mind Power


Self Transformation, Self Healing, Self Evolution

Metaphysics, Mind & Energy

Science of Subconscious & Supersonscious

The secrets of western scientist and eastern Rishis in harnessing the POWER of mind and the ENERGY behind functioning of bothe microcosm and macrocosm is revealed. The program is a one day program through which one understands about MIND and its unlimited potential, also learns how to access the meditative state of ALPHA (i.e bet 7 to 14 MHZ) by a special technique. Through this empowering program one will make use of his/her subconscious mind to attract and manifest abundance. This program is a gateway which opens up unlimited possibilities. Some take away as a participant by the end of HMP Level 1 and 2 is.

1) Manifest Goals,2) Health,3) Wealth,4) Relief from stress,5) Get out of Negative Thoughts,6) Improve Memory,7) Improve relationships
8) Improve Decision making power,9) Improve Concentration,10) Relief from Absent Mindedness And more, 11) Magnetize your Mind, 12) Heal your Mind, Body and Soul, 13) Understand the Science of Metaphysics and more

you will learn about the Principles of Life force ENERGY and how to create and use it for one self and for others. You will know how to enter in to a state of DEEP MEDITATION easily and effectively.you can use this techniques anywhere you want to. with the powerful technique of erasing negative emotions you can come out of negative feeling and live a life filled with joy and happiness.You will also learn how to dowse using pendulum as well as for many other purpose including diagnosing, balancing and healing chakras.

HMP had helped people what people dream and lead a empowered life. take you step now and be a cocreator with the universal existence.





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