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Basix always committed to the growth and development of complete human LIFE and we are surprisingly aware that all human has the complete resource. So it is only the part of unwinding the hidden potential and helpthem REDISCOVER the RESOURCE. And we realize that every human life is shaped from young age to his final liberation. We provide workshops, training, coaching for all age groups and equip everyone to perform in their PEAK.

We Invite coordinators, organizers for arranging free awareness talk in their respective areas.

Free healing camps are organized by us and feel free to attend the camps, if you are interested in organizing one in your area, region then speak to us or mail us for the procedure.

We welcome NGO's, Orphanages, service minded people to join in serving society as many trees together is identified as forest than a single one standing to give more shade, rain, fertility and harvest to all together.

Spiritual discourses, meditations are conducted often and on request organized for groups, associations, societies, organizations, educational institutions, etc.

Join us to serve all...




LIFE is a process and it is ever lasting and ever expanding and LIFE provides us the opportunities for all being in this universe, which is UNLIMITED. Human makes it limited because of his limiting belief which had been learned our the years from family, society and culture. Our programs, seminars, workshops, meditation series guides everyone to first rediscover ones RESOURCES and then access it to UNDERSTAND better, NLP, HYPNOTHERAPY, PSYCHOTHERAPEUTICAL, MEDITATIONAL, BRAINGYM etc. Cutting edge Models, concepts, tools and techniques helps one to realize their true potential and the most important part is how to use the appropriate resource at the appropriate time.

Our Workshops, Programs, Seminars, Therapies, Coaching and Consulting give the power to be in the situation what ever it may be in the most composed and most powerful way, as many of us without right understanding of the situation of how to handle it better, Escapes from the reality for a moment and keep on facing the same problem ever.

LIFE IS ATTITUDE and ATTITUDE can easily be learned and unlearned and relearned through this amazing science and art of program, therapies and other modalities specially designed and facilitated by us. If you understand and acknowledge the path that you had traveled imagine what stopped you in achieving a QUANTUM LEAP of 200% within a span of just 20% of the time that you had spent till now, then you will REALIZE how we can be instrumental in your way of LIFE and JOIN us to make your LIFE a place you want it to be.


is a MBA, Psychotherapist and a Councellor, He is a Certified Master Trainer in NLP,. He is a Trainer in Matrix Thinking and Memory magic Time tested and structured Memory program that makes one to easily understand integrate naturally in personal, academic as well as professional arena. He is a Brain gym practitioner certified from institute ofKinesiology USA. He is an Advance hypnotist from Sun coast Hypnosis InstituteUSA and Certified Clinical hypnotherapist.

Healer and spreads this beautiful science and art of Metaphysics and Spirituality through Talks, seminars, and workshops. Founder of School of Spiritual Wisdom an organization which organizes regular meditation and healing camps in various parts for the benefit of all fellow human race.

For the past more than a decade he has been sharing, teaching, training, facilitating, coaching people of all age groups and from all walks of life. He is a versatile and powerful speaker transcending and transforming all to understand, achieve and grow continuously in their life .He with his vast experience in Marketing, Administration, Logistics, Information Technology, Education and LIFE, demystifies the underlying truth of Tradition and Culture while presenting it by preserving its value.

 Member of...

NGH - National Guild of Hypnotherapist

National Federation for NeuroLinguistic Psychology

INLPTA - International NLP Trainers Association

ABNLP - American Board for NLP

Association of Comprehensive Energy Psuchology

International Hypnosis Association – Regional Director


Nalam Confrderation


And finally it is you to choose ,if you want yourself to be free from your regular dialogues, movies that you make and Empower your life. See yourself with high self-esteem and confidence. To hear about your understanding ,Decision making capability and clarity from your friends, colleagues, superiors, and from your most important people of your life your family members and feel completely satisfied of your work and your personal life THEN BASIX IS FOR YOU.


(Swami Aand Prem)
Trainer, Teacher, Therapist, Healer, Facilitator
and Unlimited Performance Coach

Empowering You and your Destiny


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    Twitter: @basixinc

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 Anuradha Jeyachaner



Co-Founder – Basixinc Centre for Human Excellence

Practitioner – Clinical Hypnotherapy and Trainer for Level 1

Pioneer in Introducing ABACUS education in Karnataka

Counselor Individual, Groups

Practitioner Brain Gym and EFT

Working with special children to make them self dependent

Remedial coaching for children to help them be at par with academics and balance personal and school life .

Have worked with more than 25 mothers in birthing their child naturally, through Hypnobirthing

Conceptualised , designed and Content development of Manuals- Vedic math, English communication, preschool activities for children


Training and consultations


Content development of training Modules along with Dr C.J.Jeyachander- custom based on the need of the corporate clients- Behavioural  and soft skills training

Signature modules developed - Happy Family Joyful Living, Explore Self through Cooking, and more.

Soft skills training for school and college students. Addressed more than 10000+ children in all level for personal, academic and life skill purpose

100+ hypnotist have been facilitated

Technical consultation for preschools and schools    





BASIX – Centre for Human Excellence

BASIX – Equi Brain Kidz – Kiducation  






Master Practitioner – Neuro Linguistic Programming from NFNLP USA

National Trainer – JCI

Clinical Hypnotherapist – GHSc, UK

Hypnobirthing Practitioner



BE Telecommunication



Diploma in Computer Networking(GNIIT)



MS – Counseling and Psychotherapy

MA – Education



Organizer of Seminars, Programs workshops for international Trainers

Organizer of First Abacus competition at Bangalore – 2005

Special Training & Coaching to students

Free Programs for students in Life Skills

Meditation Camps around India

Educates people in areas of optimization of MIND




Award of Best Master Teacher (Asia Region), PAMA, USA – 2007

Award of Best Teacher (3 Categories), PAMA, India- 2008

Outstanding Lom Officer- Zonecon- 2014hampion of champions and champions award by her students for consecutive 5years from 2004 to 2009 



Reading, Music, Cooking, Being with children


                                                                GAYATRI KULKARNI

Gayatri with her mission of transforming lives for the past 15 years have helped people realize their potential. As a life coach for the past 6 years have brought in smiles along with sense of accomplishment in people lives, when she looks back her long list of management graduates (5000+) who have been trained and been placed keep referring her people. As a NLP master practitioner she had created her own space in the field of behavioral modification and change with her unique models. 


As a consultant been instrumental in setting up of placement departments, designing and implementing recruitment programs for various institutions, Her enthusiasm and energy that she brings in every interaction is unique. Clients admire her as their role model because of the way she demonstrates what she says. She had been recognized for her special skill of matching the skills and capabilities of management graduates with the requirement of corporate. As career strategist and coach along with her experience in recruitment and placements had helped executives and leaders to reach higher levels in their career. 


Her massive experience as trainer, coach and leading teams from organizations in which she had created her own niche are listed below.


Hucon Square Services Pvt. Ltd. as Director

Liya(ssy.org) Corporate Trainer for Power of Intention Program

AIMS Institute of Management Studies, Pune as Head of Training & Placements

Sinhgad Management Institutes, Pune as Dean of Central Placement Cell

I2IT,   Pune as Training & Placement In-charge for Dual Country MBA Program

ICFAI Business School, Pune as Dy. Manager Placements

MM’s IMERT as Placements In-charge, MBA Program Coordinator

Visiting Faculty & Freelance Consultant

Trainee with TTK Maersk Medical


A more loving and caring person is an example of sharing her knowledge and time with people and groups interested in spiritual development. She believes in holistic development and this reflects in her day to day living. A passionate human being and committed leader, she helps people and organizations to scale up in their path of growth.


Anyone who has a need been missing something in life even after knowing and trying many things can be sure of finding that missing link within themselves. Her slogan “Life is Beautiful” and helps people around to realize the same through here Life and Career coaching interactions. If you are one then for sure you can call or mail or connect with her.



Skype : gayatri.kulkarni23

Mail : gayatri_kulkarni@hotmail.com

+91 9823261090


Narinder Kaur


Hi, I am Narinder Kaur. I am a Soft Skills Trainer, English language instructor, Author, Poet, Blogger, Past JCI officer, Avid reader, Public speaker and a Masters in English. I am a published author with my Poetry book TOSKA. I have chaired, hosted, organized, conducted about a 100 training and public events at various levels. I am Co-editor with the BASIX Newsletter. For me knowledge is a seamless, edgeless wonder. It surrounds me all the time. Even catches me unawares. I explore new ventures and perspectives. The thought process fascinates me. I believe in a simplistic, organic approach to my topics. Reading and writing are the two sides of my coin.



 Email Id:  narinderkaur2872@gmail.com

 Phone: 9855591288


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 facebook- The Red Purse  ||  Toska and more

 Instagram: narinderkaurriyat


 Wordpress blog: The Gypsy Within



I have taken the initiative to host NLP in Punjab with BASIX INC.



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