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Why Choose CLI for Your Coach Training?


1.    WHOLE BRAIN THINKING IS THE MAGIC that generates outrageously impactful results. CLI’s proprietary Science of Mind-Kinetics® is the foundation for your coaching system, called Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® (PCMK™), and it is the secret to creating permanent positive change by engaging the Whole Brain. Standard logical left-brain coaching methodologies cut us off from connecting to the brilliance we all have inside.  Whole Brain coaching ignites genius thinking by activating both the logical, process oriented Left Brain and the intuitive, creative Right Brain for results that truly access the deepest and highest wisdom for innovative, genius solutions in every session. You will be astonished at the results!



In every coaching session, a whole person shows up at the “door”. CLI trains coaches to powerfully honour and engage every client, exactly where they are in the moment. All the facets of a whole human being must be included and supported, including the emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual aspects. Your clients will sigh with relief at the thoroughness of your coaching skills.



All of life is an interrelated, as it weaves together both our personal and professional areas of life. Therefore, we must include our client’s whole life as it is involved in the equation, as we work together. This includes addressing and supporting the issue, challenge, or goal that clients choose to work on in the session, inclusive of every area in our personal and professional life. CLI’s Universal Signature Coaching System, PCMK™, provides you with all the tools required to confidently coach executives and corporate clients, as well as life coaching clients by addressing both their professional and personal issues and goals. 

This will make you a hugely valuable Coach and confidante to them.


4.    OUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND DRIVES OUR LIVES - Where is it leading us?

Science continues to illuminate the expansive control our Subconscious Mind has over our thoughts and behaviours. Because our subconscious mind is so much stronger than our conscious mind, willpower and intention alone cannot ensure achieving the success we aim for. To be effective, a Coach must have the advanced skills and tools to offer a client access to their subconscious mind, where all the roadblocks and unconstructive patterns and habits are stored. This new awareness provides opportunity to create massive shifts by transforming these unconstructive patterns into positive beliefs and behaviours that support achievement of our vision and goals. Then our conscious mind can work in harmony with our subconscious mind to drive success in every endeavour.  Your clients will love discovering their subconscious beliefs and patterns.  You will shine like a Star in the coaching world.



"It is our unconscious which holds the power of a Leonardo da Vinci or an Einstein."  - Win Wenger, The Einstein Factor




From stem to stern, you will have everything you need in hand and heart to offer your clients the most profound forward movement towards their goals. When you follow the system, the powerful “recipe”, you will have a perfect session that rises to the occasion, every time. ICF Core Competencies are built right into every methodology providing both coach and client with the utmost professional and powerful experience to generate fast, effective and measurable results.  Therefore, have no fear.  You will learn how to coach with ease and great confidence.

6.    MOST PROFOUND PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL SELF-DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM IN THE WORLD for building personal and professional excellence.


Embedded in CLI’s Signature Coach Training Program is a Learning and Development Plan, including Profiles, Self, Practice and Buddy Coaching to support and grow yourself – discovering the power and inspiration of the work you will then be bringing to your clients. This provides you ample opportunity to polish the diamond of you, in both your work and life areas, and then shine the brilliant light to assist your clients to do the same.



Your Coach Training Package includes a copy of the “Build a Boooooooming Business” book, written by CLI Global Leaders, specifically to help you launch and/or grow a highly effective business. Together with your high-level coaching skills, this vitally important component, supports you in defining your mission, vision and goals, a detailed business and marketing plan to have everything you need in place to succeed.  Launch your coaching business with ease.



Have you tried The Brain Walk® yet?  Considered to be The World’s #1 Positive Thinking Tool, you will wake up every morning excited to do The Brain Walk®!  The brainchild of Master Coach, Betska K-Burr, The Brain Walk® helps you find solutions to challenges and goals in just ten minutes or so. With those solutions comes an inner peace and calm knowing that the answers to your challenges are always at your fingertips. This is just one of many self-coaching tools you and your clients will enjoy supporting both personal and professional growth.  Join us and “Take a Walk – Move a Mountain”. 




a.  Certified Group Power Coach®: Learn the additional specific coaching and facilitation skills required to confidently coach groups of 2 to 20,000. Or more! Expand the scope, impact and success of your business with this hands-on training and group practice.


b. Certified Executive Power Coach®: Step up your skills to engage the Executives and Leaders of today and tomorrow! Learn the Secret Tips to coaching Executives, including 20 unique Leadership and Executive Tools, to support leaders at all levels of an organization. These are tools they don't teach you in MBA school.




Certification, Accreditations and Approvals


First and foremost, you will receive prestigious licensing and coaching credentials

from Coaching and Leadership International Inc.


In addition, CLI’s Executive Coach and Life Coach Training is approved by the ICF.

After course completion, you may apply to receive coaching credentials from this

highly esteemed International governing body.


The CPC, Certified Power Coach®, and Certified Group Power Coach®

Programs are approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  






Betska K-Burr

Accredited Master Coach (IIC&M)
Co-President of CLI

  1. Accredited Master Coach (IIC & M). Over 5,500 Client coaching hours since 1995.
  2. International Executive and Life Coach and confidante to individuals and groups in 20+ countries: CXO’s, Senior Government officials, Ambassadors, Royalty, TV Stars, TV News Anchors, Star Athletes …
  3. Betska is Co-President at Coaching and Leadership International Inc. Having developed 80+ award-winning coaching methodologies which enrich a Leader’s competencies and bring peace into their life, she leads the Instructor Team at the CLI school where Leaders learn a profound coaching skillset.
  4. Betska is an industry pioneer in Whole Brain Coaching methods which generate high level ROI.
  5. Affectionately called The Guru Coach by her students and clients, Betska is a Canadian best-selling author of many books including Creating Champions, Flying by the Seat of Your … Plans, Build a Boooooooming Business and The “God” in Coaching – The Key to a Happy Life.
  6. As former International Head of Accreditation for a global governing body in the coaching industry, Betska led the team who assessed Coaches around the world on their coaching skills.
  7. Business awards include: 2003 and 2007 Awards for Innovation, 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award, 2010 a most prestigious award – The Pride of HR Profession Award (Mumbai India).
  8. Vast business experience: Has held multiple positions including Senior Executive with International Companies such as Lanier and 3M and as a servant in the Canadian Foreign Service, holding three European posts.
  9. In her spare time, Betska is a voracious reader, meditates for lengthy periods of time every day, loves to garden, takes pride in feeding her family healthy vegan food and enjoys hikes and yoga. Betska is a student and teacher of living true family values such as courage, devotion, faith, generosity and love.

“Betska is committed to take on whatever it is with us, around us, or between us that may be a barrier to nothing less than unmitigated, unimaginable success.”

~ Toby Schneider, Ex. Director, GOA Enterprise and Advanced Ed



John Burr, Executive Coach & Life Coach

Senior Mind-Kinetics® Trainer

CLI Co-President, Sales & Operations

John's responsibilities as an Executive Coach & Life Coach as well as CLI Co-President & Senior Trainer requires focus, dedication and commitment to clients as well as the Coaching and Training industry.

Since 1998; John Burr is an industry pioneer in the development of best practices for Coaching and the Coaching industry.

Assisted in the development and editing of CLI's 80+ award-winning* scientifically engineered tools called PCMK™, Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics®. John's long work history within corporate was a major catalyst for the development of these tools in terms of their ability to make logical sense to executives and employees from all walks of life.

Co-President and Co-founder of CLI. John Burr began facilitating the PCMK™ program in the Spring of 2000. He is Senior Trainer at The CLI Training Centre and, as such, has delivered multiple programs of the Certified Power Coach® Program. In addition, he works in corporate and government delivering CLI's Big Eight programs on topics such as Leadership Mastery and Team Success which all include Power Coaching® tools.

Takes a wholistic approach to coaching. John specializes in Executive and Whole-Life Coaching and loves to coach a wide variety of clients to achieve success in all areas of life. His clientele includes CEO's of companies, sales people and entrepreneurs.

CLI's tools are universal and John, known as "The Prosperity Coach" uses them wisely to assist individuals in developing prosperity in all areas of their lives.

25 progressive years in corporate and entrepreneurial endeavours. John Burr received National Awards for his sales achievements. He also enjoyed successful positions in marketing, finance and senior management capacities with international organizations like Simplex and Canox as well as locally focused companies such as Nature's Way Landscaping and Farm Business Consultants.





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