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Clinical Hypnotherapy

 Key to Unlock our Minds

        An artificially induced, trance-like mental state in which the subject is more than usually receptive to suggestions. Hypnosis has been used in sport as a relaxation strategy in stress management and in dealing with various psychological problems, such as phobias. Hypnosis has also been used as an intervention strategy to improve the self-confidence of boxers. Hypnotherapy using Hypnosis at Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad India has been the first to be preferred most by all. Value addition to reach your Goals, Change in what you want is achievable with ease. Many had earned Diploma as Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.







Franz Anton Mesmer (1734 -1815)

          Mesmerism – Believed that Universal Fluid existed in every being (Living and Non Living) and the imbalance of which caused disease and he called it as “Animal Magnetism”.

James Braid (1795 – 1860)


          Who coined the name ”Hypnosis” as he saw that the clients were in a state of sleep .Soon realized that the clients are not in sleep as the state is completely different because the clients are completely aware of what is happening and their response level was at its peak.


Dr. Milton Erickson


          is considered as father of Medical Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy he believed that implied suggestion is more powerful.   Hypnotherapy - Complimentary Therapy using hypnosis for various challenges (Physical, Mental, Emotional, etc).


Dr.James Braid first attemt to HYPNOSIS


          Now Hypnotherapy is not only used for personal improvement and success in business, education, achieve targets, increase sports performance, loose weight, improve concentration, focus, improve self confidence, self esteem, remove traumas but also to


Dehypnotize, Desensitize, De addiction, Hypno analysis, Age Regression, Past Life Regression   


Hypnotherapy is now used widely for


Soul Healing, Past life Healing, Life Between Life Healing, Inner Child Healing,Spirit Release


Hypnosis is a special psychological state with certain physiological attributes, resembling sleep only superficially and marked by a functioning of the individual at a level of awareness other than the ordinary conscious state.This state is characterized by a degree of increased receptiveness and responsiveness in which inner experiential perceptions are given as much significance as is generally given only to external reality.                                 - Encyclopaedia Britannica(15th Edition)


Some areas where Hypnotherapy is effective are


1) Asthma, 2) Bed-Wetting, 3) Child Birth, 4) lack of Confidence, 5) Enhancing Creativity, 6) Exam/Test nerves, 7) Hair Pulling, 8) Improving athletic performance, 9) Insomnia, 10)Motivation, 11) Nail-Biting, 12) Pain Control, 13) Sexual Problems, 14) Smoking, 15) Stress Reduction, 16) Teeth-Grinding, 17) Ulcers, 18) Weight Control, 19) FEARS and PHOBIAS, 20) Being Alone, 21) Crossing Bridges, 22) Crowds, 23) Darkness, 24) Eating in Public, 25) Enclosed Spaces(Lifts, Underground trains, Flying in a plane), 26) Heights, 27) Illness, 28) Water, 29) AddictiveBehaviour,30) Anxiety, 31) Depression, 32) Eating disorders(Bingeing, Anorexia, Bulimia), 33) Eczema, 34) Lack of Confidence, 35) Obsession and Compulsions, 36) Panic attacks, 37) Psoriasis


Frequrntly Asked Questions


Want to have total control of your body and mind?

Want to get releived from unwanted and haunting fears and phobias?

Want to QUIT smoking and not sure how to do it?


Questions are many and probably the choices for FREEDOM lies in you. Your choice for taking a HYPNOTHERAPY session will give you effective results and which if continued based on the suggestions made by the therapist will give you FREEDOM, RELIEF from your problems.Hypnotherapy is highly effective in making profound changes in the SUBCONSCIOUS mind as the conscious mind rejects most of the suggestions.

Scope of HYPNOTHERAPY is very broad and the list given below here are just like a tip of iceberg where the ¾ is sunk deep.



Asthma is when one cannot breath to the fullest major cause may be due to inflammation, constriction of the bronchus. Usuallydilators for preventive as well as instant relief is used. The causes may be due to psychological apart from pollens, dust mites, chemicals, dusts etc. Patient’s emotional level is aggravated. Hypnotherapy is helpful for emotional balance and many times there may be cause in the past life and once explored the client may get the relief.

Here we have an integrated approach where we use yoga therapy along with hypnotherapy for good results.


Bed-Weting till 5 to 6 years is not to be considered as a problem and then on if this continues then hypnotherapy has best results. Earlier it is identified it can be completely solved. Many a time the patient has some kind of fear, low confidence level, low self esteem,peer pressure.

Child Birth

Pain less birth is becoming more and more popular and this reduces the maximum possibility of undergoing caesarian. The mother and the child are free from chemical adulterations like medicines to stimulate pain artificially, anesthesia etc. Child is healthy and the recovery time for the mother is highly reduced. YES the procedure is simple. For more check out hypnobirthing page.

lack of Confidence

Confidence is a common word for several other variables or problems involved and most of the time the individual is not aware of what is the triggering cause. A child for example may be good in home and may give very good presentation but once on stage may find it difficult. Most of the adults face the same they may be good with their friends and may not perform before colleagues. Some may shy because of inferiority complex. Even more enthusiasm may at times make one to perform low.

Hypnotherapy helps you to over come by understanding and transcending by converting that fear in to success.

Enhancing Creativity

Success lies in creativity and now a days every industry need creativity from their employees .Creativity blossoms only when you are free form all inhibitions and when you can generate more choices. Normally high level of stress reduces the creativity. This is more important for child as well as adults of any age.

Hypnotherapy helps in reducing stress stimulating more options.

6) Exam/Test nerves

Hair Pulling

Hair pulling is called TRICHOLLOMANIA and those who have this challenges pull hairs from head, eyebrows.

Sports performance

Are you a Tennis player, Cricketer, Golfer, Chess player or for that matter if you want tosucceed in your play and reach the desiredposition( Note sometime and almost most of the time you will not be aware for your own strengthen as you are not aware of the capability of mind). Hypnotherapy is highly successful and there are many cases. An integrated approach is followed along with NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming, Asanas,Pranayamasre some of the methods applied to get AMAZING results.


Sleeplessness and where the mind is constantly in action and cannot sleep after long time. The causes are stress, Anxiety, Expectations, not able to handle situation, No much choices, Feeling, seeing oneself stuck etc. Ifyou are going to sleep with in 10 minutes then it is time for you to do meditation, Self hypnosis, Laughing and even then if the situation prevails we are here. Natural ways are more effective thanchemicals.


11) Nail-Biting

12) Pain Control

13) Sexual Problems

14) Smoking

Stress Reduction

Hypnotherapy is more relaxing and you can download our relaxation mp3 download free and continues use of this will help you come out of stress. When there is cumulated addition of unsolved expectations may cause stress and no one knows which is the threshold point. This stress when suppressed will start showing itself through psychosomatic problems.

Self Hypnosis is more effective and practice of this 3 times a day will give more benefit.


Grinding of teeth more common in young children and in adults may be due to worms in intestine but if it is because of suppressed emotions the child mostly express this out through physical actions by grinding teeth in sleep during which time the emotions popup in dreams etc.


Using Guided Imagery, Visualization with Hypnotherapy the healing of ulcer is enhanced. Ulcer like stomach ulcer, Duodenal ulcer is due to improper digestion or may be due to improper secretion etc and yoga therapy along with the above is very effective to get one into balance. Cause of Ulcer may be due to unwanted habits like smoking, stress and emotional disturbances.

Weight Control

Weight controlhas many thinginvolved some of them are loosing weight, gaining weight, maintaining weight and most of the times it is based on the psychological imbalances. Many eat very less and even then they put on weight this we call it because of psychological reversal and it may be because of secondary gains. Integrated approach using both yoga therapy and Hypnotherapy will give extraordinary results.

Some of the other related problems where hypnotherapy is effective is Binge eating, Over eating, Anorexia Nervosa etc.


Some fears are fear of heights, closed places, spiders, water, cockroaches, reptiles, elevator, stage, groups, public speaking, exam, failure, success, caves, rat, dogs being alone, shadows, night, flying, crossing bridges and the list is long. Phobias are irrational fears and ever existing. Hypnotherapy has many case histories where it is effective and without relapses.

Addictive Behavior

Some addictions are addiction to Tea, Coffee, chocolates, burger, smoking, alcohol, sex,


Anxiousness are expectations and creates lot of frustration, stress, physiological problems like BP, Stroke etc. When the expected result is not been met and the process is repeated this may end up in Depression where one is not interested in any kind of day to day activities, may involve more in alcohol, smoking etc. this makes the individual to get depressed more. In the most serious cases this may lead to suicide. As anxiety is all mental activity one must be aware to identify it. Distractions are numerous now and anxiety is now becoming prevalent in children.


Refer above..

Eating disorders(Bingeing, Anorexia, Bulimia)

Who do not want to eat and if one does it in moderation then there is no need for you to consult us but the problem starts when you starting eating more for example eating 1kg Ice cream, 2 burgers, and also continues then you should get concerned.

Anorexia is just reverse to Bulimia in the sense that they don’t want to have any thing and the reasons may be they don’t want to have excess flesh or to say they consider every thing is fat. Conscious Cognitive therapy may take longer time as in hypnotherapy the work had been made in the subconscious level it is highly effective.

Bulimia is over eating or excessive eating.


The cause of Psoriasis, Eczema,Leucoderma may at times found in the Past Life and exploration of past life is effective as the results are most of the time effective. Please refer Past Life Therapy for more details.

Obsession and Compulsions

OCD – Obsessive compulsive disorders where one does a action repeatedly without their awareness as cleaning repeatedly 6,7 times in a day. While entering a door way going 5,6 times etc. Hypnotherapy is very profound in OCD and results are outstanding. OCD have psychological component involved and proper exploration and therapy at the earliest will make one to get relieved from unwanted image and perception of their near and dear.

Panic attacks


Apart from the above discussed areas hypnosis is applied for spiritual growth to understand ones life process and why you are here and you purpose of this life time this is possible through past life regression. Hinduism strongly believes in Past Lives as Reincarnation and the same had through experiences and open experiments by many great souls had been recorded. Edgar Cayce, Hans Tandem are some in the ocean of many who had dedicated themselves in this area. Sprit release, Multiple Personality or MPD, Life between Lives healing, Soul Healing are some of the other area where hypnosis is applied and this is followed strictly based on the proven procedure by us.

Though the problem, Disease ailment what ever it may be some time it is not possible by one to get relieved, cured, from the problem and for those this way will make them aware of their purpose and get enlightened regarding what they have to do and lead a satisfactory life like others who had undergone and living a happy, gracious life of acceptance Instead a life of self hatered, agony, misery, worry, paini.e mental and emotional pain, grief, sorrow. Ifyou want to lead the life fully with Love, Peace and Harmony you can call now.




NOTE:The Therapies and Healings using various Alternative systems are only complimentary to the orthodox medicine and not asubstittute what so ever.