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What is belief?,

How beliefs are formed?,

What role does beliefs play in our life?


Are some of the question to be asked .Many are not aware of this andwith out proper understanding carry their own belief which may be limited and it may cause lot of challenges in ones life.

What is Belief?

Sales executive may believe that the sale is not going to materialize or the product is high priced or his/her target is not rationals.


Child may believe that s/he may fail in maths

Wife may believe that she is not good in cooking

Graduate may believe that he may not get the job


These are some of the beliefs and now let us see how beliefs are formed?

Beliefs are formed in young age of a person. When a child is young the parent says or spanks the child that he is not good at any thing. As the child is in the stage of learning how to do and the parent with their competence and perfection wants the child to achieve the same level. Child then tries it with their friends, if once again some one says that it is not good then this particular point get fixed in mind. As the child grows s/he has to be in group and work in a team as well as prove to her/his parents that they are outperforming. The parents who had not understood the child and who expects a perfection of grown ups are not in a position to encourage the child and help the child to develop their abilities .

As the child reaches the teen age, the point of not doing good becomes stronger as the confidence level and the self esteem is low. The child may not perform well and starts following as even teachers is not in a position to encourage by finding out the cause .The teachers are busy in giving their praise to students who score high or who succeeds in various competition and making them as representatives .


Child who has the point fixed (not good) gets reinforced every now and then by the people around them and as the person enters in to college life ,they with the limiting belief shy out from the responsibilities given to them and may not even participate in many of the activities. As adult they start their life career in a low paid job or they may join a good job and may not perform and come to a stand still.


Above I had given only an example and beliefs exist in every person. A CEO may believe that investment in expansion is waste or a field executive may believe that his workers are not educated to give in their views or a husband may believe that wife as a woman has to listen to him or a Teacher may believe that students has to listen them.


The most interesting thing is that even people well learned believe that they know every thing in their field of work as they may not see some of the subtle areas and finally they blame on others.


I had classified belief as


Limiting Beliefs

Empowering beliefs

Over empowered beliefs


Understanding and Updating beliefs are those beliefs where you have confidence and self esteem in proper ratio or proportion.


Over Empowered beliefs are like over confidence where by one thinks that what ever s/he says and does is right possibly till the time is in their way. One has to remember we work according to time ,Time does not work for us.


Confidence is like riding a bicycle during learning with out others help in the street where there is no much traffic and over confidence is one taking the bicycle in the main road and trying to ride by leaving a hand. Here when the rider falls then the incident some times becomes a beliefs where by s/he never touches the cycle again orthat matter any vehicle if the emotional pain suffered by the accident is more and this becomes a limiting Belief.


What role that Beliefs play in ones life?


Interesting every being if you ask me function based only on their beliefs in this material world .success and failure ,Happiness and sorrow, Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction ,confident etc are mostly based on ones belief .In my previous example I had outlined how a belief of not good had been formed in a person and let me tell you some of the effects.


As a adult with belief of not good enough will not perform well in both in personal as well as in the professional part. Personally he may not be out spoken, he may shy out in the relationship with his partner, with his friends and relatives. S/He may get in to unproductive habits like smoking ,Drinking ,Drugs.

Professionally ,S/He may not be in job which demands more responsibility ,creativity ,pressure they may be as a blue colour worker who is comfortable with routine jobs.


A child with this belief may not be a good team worker ,may be alone, performance in school as well as in other activities may be less or totally absent.

May have friends with problematic behaviour ,may lie ,blame ,steal etc.


What are the ways to have empowering Belief?


NLP helps to unlearn our disempowering beliefs by working with oneself and relearn a empowering one as one has the power with in themselves to reinforce it.

If you can understand your belief system then you can be free of your emotional and physical disorders .Success becomes a part of you .If one thinks S/He have empowering beliefs and only because of it one has reached to this particular position then I ask them to check once again If you are a executive then what has stopped you to become manager if you are a manager then what is stopping you of becoming General manager or CEO or chairman or President .


Every one have beliefs and most of them are aware of what is their belief is as probably they may not know exactly what beliefs are or they are lethargic or stuck in the challenges of every moment etc .Some times one take it easily for granted and normally put this way as

“My mother did so I am also doing it”


This reminds me of a story some time back a wonderful understanding couple lived in Bangalore . Satish was a software engineer and his wife Rashmi was in HR .They lived along with his mother and father .Satish was very fond of turkey prepared by his mother and he asked Rashmi to learn the method of preparation from his mother .Rashmi too agreed and was learning the lesson from her in law. Rashmi’s mother-in- law cleaned the turkey and took off the tail portion and marinated with her secret recipe and cooked it in oven .Rashmi by seeing this was questioning her mother in law for better understanding as she was questioning Rashmi asked her in law what was the reason behind cutting the tail portion ,her in law replied “for this you have to ask my mother and I am doing what my mother used to do” .Days passed and they made a trip to their home town Mysore. There Rashmi’s in laws mother was asked to cook turkey and Rashmi was eager to learn more about the style .As Rashmi was observing and learning she did every thing more or less the same as her in law and finally she did not cut the tail portion of turkey by seeing this Rashmi asked her why she had not done so? and explained what she learned from her mother in law and the way she used to throw off the tail portion ,Rashmi asked her why she is not doing the way she was doing it earlier .Mother in laws mother replied that, during our days we were not having big oven or grill or utensil so when the tail has been cut the turkey fits into the utensil we were having .Now we have ample space to cook the turkey as it is.


The above story depicts how people followbeliefs blindly and how beliefs are formed by the influence of authority and more interestingly how the limiting beliefs can be carried for a long time until you become aware of your self and realize that NLP helps you to identify the limiting beliefs and understand the cause of it and the effect it imposes in you and finally to drop it and learn a new belief.


Shihan Dr.C.J.Jeyachander. the NLP WAY.
Become a certified NLP practitioner 


NLP & Self

NLP is a way of life and also a ingredient like salt/sugar in food it is to life .NLP is magic this reminds me of a story Long time back there was a big emperor ruling a huge empire and he had a son as the emperor was coming to the stage of retirement and as the prince was not aware about himself and the external world emperor sent the prince for touring the empire. Prince believed his father and his father as god as the emperor thought him that he is god and there is no island in his empire. Prince after traveling the empire at last came down a mountain and was enjoying the beautiful sunset on the sea shore. when he was fiesting his eyes his vision got struck to a person with dark meroon robes and with a hat standing in the middle of the sea, Prince asked him who and what is he doing there. The man said that he is standing on a island and he is god. This was against his belief that his father is god and there is no island the man challenged him, The Prince went to the palace and met his father and narrated what he saw on the sea shore ,the father said that the man was lying and he is god and there are no island and the person he met was magician. Prince some what consolidated went to the person standing and said that he is magician and that is not a island. The person said him firmly that no your father is a magician and I am GOD. Prince could not believe himself and all his hopes, believes was just started to tumble. Prince went firmly to father and said that you are a magician and not god then all of a sudden the emperor with his barring voice commanded let the death come and take you as the prince was trembling with fear as the death was approaching then that moment he decided not MORE............. and with his full strength and authority commanded let this death have death that point of time every thing vanished from him and his father saw him and said yes son I am a Magician and the person you met is god and now you are an magician and handed over the empire to him.

NLP transforms any one living by it a person of strength, powerful, motivated, completely aware of every moment, totaly charged , always be in the high state of energy, and more... If you want to be a MAGICIAN  then NLP is the way.

If you may choose to be an NLP er then the entire world will change for you with lot abundance and unlimited resources.

Hearing the words or reading the words may stay for few days and understanding, practicing will make you to believe yourself.

I used to wonder how people are more successful and why many are not. sometimes in their field as you may see, hear in this practical world many organization and people who was successful and top achievers could not sustain or continue further. NLP is the source code for your questions.

through NLP you may convert your FEAR to Power.
NLP is an powerful amunition to destroy your own negative, non productive thoughts and also others unwanted or unauthorized influences on you.


Shihan C.J.Jeyachander. the NLP WAY.
Become a certified NLP practitioner


NLP & Rapport

Rapport,which is important in any relationship and any situation. It makes an unison in relation. Unison is nothing but dancing together.When you are totaly involved in an activity /seminar/sales/negotiation go back to the point of time and visualize what happened then.

Can you spot out what was special on that occasion which made the magic. How was your feeling, what you saw happening and what you heared? Can you write down the steps so that you can make it happen once again .

Now go to a situation where you were very much confident about your presentation and you are still wondering how you could not convince the group or client.

I believe trust plays a major role in any relationship it might be personal or business.To build trust can you write some of the essential points .Trust once created with a person will last long , then the other person starts believing you completly.Now you have to answer this question, how many days you need to create trust?

how many days it will take you to trust some one?

Here I have not asked you what are the factors necessary for you to trust others. I had focussed on the time period.


Take for example you are in a retail bussiness and you have to finish the deal in the same place or for that matter in this age of globalization a deal has to be clinched in the first meeting itself.
Though you might have a belief that trust take long time in any relationship.

I'll tell you in NLP it can be created and maintained with in fraction of "seconds''

Here I had mentioned" seconds" Wondering! Starting from physical, mental and emotional you can make the other person see,hear and feel that you are like him.


Through NLP you can convert anyone by understanding their world first and attach your requirements as additions.It is like in a relationship there is no compulsion wife may like watching TV and husband may like to read. If there is a trust and an approach of give and take.Then the relation will be fine.


NLP Rapport first makes you understand about others and this helps to create trust in others .Then it helps to maintain turst so you are with them and when the link becomes strong then you lead the other person.

For many Sales personals /Negotiaters /Proffessionals, clinching a deal may be a magic and here Iam not talking about average performance and top performance Iam talking about consistant banchmarking with the process of undrstanding others in relationship .

but for person equiped with NLP it is feedback.

NLP -helps you to progam yourself and be in the state of total awarness.You probably might agree that most of time we are not aware and you may choose to be aware from now on and NLP helps you to create relationships in seconds and have total control of it .If you are going back to the valuable time when the you can see and feel the failure in personal and business you will probably understand how NLP may help you achieve and maintain the position.

change is the one that is permenant.
Shihan Dr.C.J.Jeyachander. the NLP WAY.
Become a certified NLP practitioner

Shihan C.J.Jeyachander. the NLP WAY.
Become a certified NLP practitioner


Jack of All Trades and Master of None ..


Have you heard this old saying and in this dynamic world let us see how this old saying has been followed by all most all.


Take a example of a computer imagine that the system can run only one software and the system is specially designed and developed for that purpose for example say the system can only do document oriented work, can you tell me how the product will fare well in the market..


Oh yes I intuitively understood your answers and now let us go through the principle of mastering one skill in humans.


Is there any organization that is satisfied with its workforce to get specialized only in one skill. Just take time to answer, may be there is a profound understanding which this article may reveal like an Aladdin’s magic lamp. I guess and wonder even the employers are making many of the skills and qualities that are MUST in their employees and are training them specially. An employee has to be multifaceted and he must have high level of competence and skill to lead a team, a department, a branch, a unit anda organization. So before reaching the level of CEO, CFO,COO one must have proficiency in all the departments and the working of each and every area is must.


If you don’t want to be in the upper layer of leader then there is no need for you to know.


As this the case and for maintaining the position in the market place an organization has to be continuously inventing and introducing new products to sustain its present level of market share. If this is not been adhered then there are many examples like HM, FIAT, APPLE etc and if you ask me each and every organization is facing this some where or other at some point of time.


Now ask yourself is this true and be honest. Learning needs understanding and the earlier one understands one can actually go ahead which is a quality of a leader. When the organization or to say the leader as s/he is the person responsible for taking the decision which is most crucial is responsible for success.


When even a mobile phone that you have, have almost all the features the order of today is more services from one provider or product.


All multi level stores like Fab mall, Food world, Reliance,subiksha, stoppers shop etc started providing almost allproduct’s under one single roof and no one questions. Though at some level some give it to professionals to handle.


Organization’s which ones was specializing in only one product or services had diversified or increased their product range for exampleTata – motors, steels, salt, tea, software, insurance etc and think about Reliance – petroleum, information technology, insurance etc, multiplexes they have theaters, bowling,fungames for children, almost all kind of cuisine.


Probably today day outlook has changed and the need of the hour is so simple to change our thought of not just preaching but fist PRACTICING for our own self.


All most all problems start when one gets stuck with one choice. As each person is different and every one of youlike every thing depending on the MOOD, is it so.

If you can have multiple services or features and the quality and standard are above average and for sure it is what one goes by his or her rationalized thinking.


This article was an eye opener to me as a Modeler, Trainer, Coach as some one in high rank was speaking about offering various services by an service provider and referring the OLD saying “ jack of all trade ” just remember and realize “ MAP is NOT the Territory”.


So first check for self the following,


1)      Whether I am holding on to only one product or service – Choices are many.

2)      While making decision whether I am repeating the same process or loop.

3)      Increase your choices

4)     More choices more freedom

5)     More quality

6)      More options

7)     Make sure you are enhancing your learning curve and cruising ahead

8)       More tools, there is every possibility of faster decision making

9)     See for yourself, Speak with the concerned personally and decide

10) Explore and be open to every thing


Ask yourself


What is stoppingme ?

Why not I do?

What will happen if I do?

What will happen if I don’t do?


Many had written their own histories and if you want to be one among them then become master of all there is every facility now to become master as we are already masters. Every one knows how to work with computers, How to do basic cooking, how to wash our own clothes as the time demands, how to groom children when the better half is not active, how to purchase, how to market ourselves, how to teach, how to sing, how to dance and the list is endless.


Every one has time and do not say you don’t. Interest in spending time for some productive purpose instead of ruining in bar’s. Think about it, the choice is your’s.


The saying meant not to be a jack that is not to be INCOMPLETE if you have time, interest and passion and if you can complete any skill that is absolutely fine but many are using only for the sake without understanding the implied meaning behind the old saying.


Yesterday doctrines are today’s RULES which are tomorrow’s history.


Take the learning from the past add more and keep on updating yourself for being in the present and creating your own future.

Theory of evolution says that the fittest will survive. And Human being know hoe to walk, run, swim and learned to fly, to eat various delicacies.


At last I am thankful to that person who was instrumental in my process of learning.



C.J.Jeyachander.B.Sc.,MB A.,C.Ht



This is way back in 2002, when I was expecting my second baby who was due to be born in 1 st week of Feb the next year. I was more prepared and knew what to expect on the birthing day of my child, which was the state of mind when my son was born a year ago before this. People around me may have read my mind or through their experience, told me the child birth is going to be smooth like a cake walk as it is the second time I am giving birth. The birth day of my child did arrive but a week before the due date on 26 thJan 2003. My little darling daughter was born with no hassle bustle within 2hrs from the time of the birth show. The birthing process was of course very easy and smooth process.

Though happy giving birth to my child, my thoughts kept pondering why not the same happen when I gave birth to my son 2 yrs back.


What went wrong then and what were the right things here?


Why and why’s kept coming up with lot of comparisons between the first birth and the second.


On the search, my thoughts went to the basic science learnt that all mammals system work similarly. If all mammals can give birth naturally without assistance, then human beings can also give birth naturally. When all the systems of the body, CNS(Central Nervous System), Circulatory system, Respiratory system, Digestive system and Excretory system of the mother can work perfectly, the Reproductive system which has shown good signs by letting the baby grow inside the uterus is also in a perfect state. What happens to only this system during the final stage of pregnancy, i.e giving birth to the baby?



The moment the couple comes to know the woman’s body is prepared and has accepted the growth of the tiny little wonder in her. There is enlightenment, excitement and more than all this a kind of unexplainable joy for receiving a new member to the family. All this excitement droops down to the couple more for the mother , the very thought of the day she is going to make it a reality of the child from the womb into her hands.

why so?


The mind kept pondering for years with these questions for years, till I got introduced to Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. On the course of becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I learnt more about the mind and its working. The developmental stagesof the mind according to the stages of the physical growth along with the information taken in from all ways in the process of self growth , leading to the persons character, behaviour, and more than all this the belief system that gets ingrained into the self .


The mind determines what and when the body feels and works on the thought pattern of one. Our mind through the brain (Central Nervous System) controls the body and its activities. The mind brings in a bodily change physiologically and with chemical reaction within, corresponding to the every suggestion, thought or emotions one takes in. whatever is experienced in the body is determined by the body. Remember the Pavlov’s experiment with the dog, salivating with the ring of the bell, for the food to be served. The mind gets conditioned to react in a particular way with repeatedly exposed to a particular suggestion or the thoughts coming in from many sources, creating a kind of a myth or called belief for a particular kind of situation

The mind also can be termed as a tool with an echo- effect. Whatever thoughts or emotions, we create the mind attracts the same. Whatever you propose first will come back to you exactly the way you want it to be or presumed it to be. Remember the phrase “the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer”, this is because the rich is always thinking about money and more money and works for it. The mind reacts to the thought of being motivated to achieve something and works toward to achieve the same.


I got few answers to the questions, which had got expanded with numbers with others experiences. The second process of giving birth was relating to the conditioning process of the mind, but again why not for few others? Was this relating to the boomerang effect of the mind or is it that the parent (the mother) was not motivated, but is it not every woman loves to give birth to her child in a peaceful, calmer way, naturally. The conclusion that I came up was the mother to be is influenced by the environmental information she receives or by her own experience. So what is the way to recondition her to make her body work as it has to work naturally? The answer again I got from my Clinical Hypnotherapy course. The mind can be de-conditioned and re- conditioned for a particular kind of a situation/incident.


During this search I was introduced to yoga and breathing techniques. During this process I learnt that the way a mother breath’s during the birth of the baby is more important for her to achieve a natural process of birthing. The muscles can be toned for the day during the course of her pregnancy using different yoga exercises. But still I could not conclude that this is the way a mother could give birth naturally. What about the bodily (physical) stress she undergoes or the so called pain that is induced during the birth process and many more questions started to arise.


As I was going through this concept and helping my clients to overcome their problems related to stress, memory, goal accomplishment, self- confidence, self-esteem. I even worked with clients with insomnia, addition problems, allergies, but the answer to birthing naturally was still lingering within me. Few doors started to open with answers when worked with different clients for menopause and sexual dysfunction. A big eye opener was when I worked with one of my client for sprain in left leg using pain management.


As if the bud of the flower opening up the pondering questions relating to birthing got its answer with the combination of hypnotherapy, yoga, breathing techniques as a tool for birthing mothers along with the concept of magnetizing the mind to attract natural birth.

With the process of hypnosis the mind can be de-conditioned with the negative images and thoughts of birthing and re- conditioned for a natural, calm birth and also help the mind for the process of handling the strain by the muscles (related to as pain). Toning of the muscles for it’s function during birth by exercising the body with Yoga along with the breathing techniques related during the various stages of birthing process. Along with all these, magnetizing the mind to achieve a natural, calm, peaceful birth of the baby into this world.

Be a mother to give the best for your child, if you wish your child want to be happy, confident, self reliant, fearless, creative, with high thinking, and processing ability as you already well aware of all this starts from mother. Now the doors are open for you to select the best for you and your child to enjoy birthing in a painless and painfree way. Fear is in mind you are more than your mind, access the extraordinary power of your deeper mind and make your birthing a divine experience.

Our way the natural, painless and painfree way of birthing, come join us.

Er. Anuradha BE., CMP NLP., C.Ht.,

Licensed Hypnobirthing Practitioner,


Basix - Centre For Human Excellence,


Using EFT with children - 9 thoughts helpful

Hi all / as,

 C,J Jeyachander of India provides a useful example of EFT for neck pain his young son. In the end the 9 summarizes useful thoughts about EFT and children.

The Editors

By Dr. CJ Jeyachander

Dear Gary,

Greetings, and I am the Dr.CJJeyachander of Bangalore, India. Thank you for your gift (EFT) to this world. I'm here to share my experience after I've spent a lot of time implementing this valuable lesson in my office.

My young son had reported having neck pain and believed that the level of intensity was 6.5 on a scale of 0-10. He said he was well aware of my practice. I asked if he was interested in tapping using EFT MAGIC POINTS. He knows of EFT and other techniques that I use and it does frequently with friends (only tapping 3 or 4 points) ... children are more intuitive. Her answer was yes and then I made ??my setup statement after discussing it with him.

Even though I have this pain in the neck, I deeply and completely accept.

In my experience with children, physical pain is not usually emotional - and it's up to the therapist to determine if organic, physical, emotional or oriented to past lives. For he was completely physically and receiving training in Taekwondo and football. Somehow got this kink in his neck and shared it with me. I started to do the complete sequence and the 9 Steps and the sequence again.

Then I asked him to show me the extent of your pain with his two palms - the closer, the pain is less and if there is more pain farther. He said he still had pain and showed his palms with 50 cm wide between the two. Then I asked him tapping using "Pain left" for another 3 times and then went to bed.

The next day I saw that he was holding his neck from side while doing all the tasks of preparing, organizing and other activities. This told me that the pain was still there and that he was handling it. I was surprised that I could sleep without any hassle. Then I asked him a little more tapping , which he did, and told him to do the same at school as well. The next day - that is, the third day, I asked him tapping again and for the evening and not holding the neck. Since then no pain.

Here's an understanding that prompted me to share this with you and all / as.
1) Children are interested and enthusiastic to tap .
2) Your level of participation is high.
3) They start practicing and gradually do the same for their friends.
4) Perseverance pays and this is transmitted to the young mind.
5) EFT is portable, so my phrase for EFT is "HEALING ANYTIME, ANYWHERE"
6) Children have more intuition, which must be encouraged instead of implementing our own beliefs. Make them become familiar with the techniques of energy.
7) EFT is so simple so that even a child can do. Ah yes, the result is the same.
8) Perseverance and belief of my son when he was still sore the second day and the third day, he was still interested in making tapping instead of asking me to take him to treat his neck by some other method.
9) Children do not lie - if they are not interested, they leave.

The list is endless and I ask all / as sharing EFT - the simplest technique for children. Autorízalos using EFT, as this helps to lift the anxieties and other kinds of emotional problems they may face as they grow. Regular practice of EFT remove undesirable trees of the forest and keep the individual healthy (mentally and physically).

Thanks and Regards,

Usando EFT con niños - 9 pensamientos útiles

Hola a todos/as,

El C. J. Jeyachander de la India da un ejemplo útil de EFT para el dolor del cuello de su hijo joven. Al final el resume 9 pensamientos útiles acerca de EFT y niños.

Abrazos, Gary

Por el Dr. C. J. Jeyachander

Querido Gary,

Saludos, y yo soy el Dr.C.J.Jeyachander de Bangalore, India. Gracias por tu regalo de (EFT) a este mundo. Estoy aquí para compartir mi experiencia después de que he pasado mucho tiempo implementando esta valiosa enseñanza en mi consultorio.

Mi hijo joven había reportado que tenía dolor en el cuello y creía que el nivel de intensidad era 6.5 en la escala de 0 a 10. El dijo que estaba muy consciente de mi práctica. Yo le pregunté si estaba interesado en tapping los PUNTOS MAGICOS usando EFT. El sabe de EFT y otras técnicas que yo uso y lo hace frecuentemente con sus amigos (solamente tapping 3 o 4 puntos)... los niños son mas intuitivos. Su respuesta fue afirmativa y entonces hice mi frase preparatoria después de discutirlo con el.

Aun cuando tengo este dolor de cuello, yo me acepto total y completamente.

En mi experiencia con niños, el dolor físico no es generalmente emocional - y le toca al terapeuta determinar si es orgánico, físico, emocional u orientado a vidas pasadas. Para él era completamente físico ya que recibe entrenamiento en Taekwondo y fútbol. De alguna forma consiguió esta torcedura en su cuello y lo compartió conmigo. Lo puse a hacer la secuencia completa y los 9 Pasos y la secuencia de nuevo.

Entonces le pedí mostrarme el grado de su dolor con sus dos palmas - entre mas cerca, el dolor es menos y si mas lejos hay mas dolor. El dijo que todavía tenía dolor y mostró sus palmas con 50 cm de ancho entre las dos. Entonces le pedí que hiciera tapping usando "Dolor restante" por otras 3 veces y después el se fue a la cama.

Al día siguiente vi que estaba sosteniendo su cuello de lado mientras que hacía todas las tareas de preparar, organizar y otras actividades. Esto me indicó que el dolor estaba allí todavía y que el estaba manejándolo. Yo estaba sorprendido que el hubiera podido dormir sin ninguna molestia. Entonces le pedí que hiciera un poco más de tapping, lo cual hizo, y le dije que hiciera lo mismo en la escuela también. Al día siguiente - esto es, al tercer día, le pedí que hiciera tapping de nuevo y para la tarde ya no sostenía el cuello. Desde entonces no tiene dolor.

Aquí esta un entendimiento que me movió a compartir esto contigo y con todos/as.
1) Los niños están interesados y entusiastas de hacer tapping.
2) Su nivel de participación es elevado.
3) Ellos empiezan practicando y gradualmente hacen lo mismo por sus amigos.
4) PERSEVERANCIA paga y esto es transmitido a la mente joven.
5) EFT es portátil, así que mi frase para EFT es "CURACION A CUALQUIER HORA Y EN CUALQUIER LUGAR"
6) Los niños tienen más intuición, la cual debe ser fomentada en lugar de implantar nuestras propias creencias. Hazlos que se familiaricen con las técnicas de energía.
7) EFT es tan sencillo forma que aun un niño puede hacer. Ah sí, el resultado es el mismo.
8) Perseverancia y la creencia de mi hijo que aun cuando el tenia dolor el segundo día y el tercer día, el estaba todavía interesado en hacer tapping en lugar de pedirme que lo llevara para tratar su cuello con algún otro método.
9) Los niños no mienten - si ellos no están interesados, se van.

La lista es interminable y yo pido a todos/as compartir EFT - la técnica mas sencilla para niños. Autorízalos a usar EFT, ya que esto los ayuda a salir de ansiedades y otras clases de problemas emocionales que ellos puedan enfrentar cuando crezcan. La práctica regular de EFT removerá árboles indeseables del bosque y conservará al individuo saludable (tanto mentalmente como físicamente).

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