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Basix always committed to the growth and development of complete human LIFE and we are surprisingly aware that all human has the complete resource. So it is only the part of unwinding the hidden potential and help them REDISCOVER the RESOURCE. And we realize that every human life is shaped from young age to his final liberation. We provide workshops, training, coaching for all age groups and equip everyone to perform in their PEAK.

We Invite coordinators, organizers for arranging free awareness talk in their respective areas.

Free healing camps are organized by us and feel free to attend the camps, if you are interested in organizing one in your area, region then speak to us or mail us for the procedure.

We welcome NGO's, Orphanages, service minded people to join in serving society as many trees together is identified as forest than a single one standing to give more shade, rain, fertility and harvest to all together.

Spiritual discourses, meditations are conducted often and on request organized for groups, associations, societies, organizations, educational institutions, etc.

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LIFE is a process and it is ever lasting and ever expanding and LIFE provides us the opportunities for all being in this universe, which is UNLIMITED. Human makes it limited because of his limiting belief which had been learned our the years from family, society and culture. Our programs, seminars, workshops, meditation series guides everyone to first rediscover ones RESOURCES and then access it to UNDERSTAND better, NLP, HYPNOTHERAPY, PSYCHOTHERAPEUTICAL, MEDITATIONAL, BRAINGYM etc. Cutting edge Models, concepts, tools and techniques helps one to realize their true potential and the most important part is how to use the appropriate resource at the appropriate time.

Our Workshops, Programs, Seminars, Therapies, Coaching and Consulting give the power to be in the situation what ever it may be in the most composed and most powerful way, as many of us without right understanding of the situation of how to handle it better, Escapes from the reality for a moment and keep on facing the same problem ever.

LIFE IS ATTITUDE and ATTITUDE can easily be learned and unlearned and relearned through this amazing science and art of program, therapies and other modalities specially designed and facilitated by us. If you understand and acknowledge the path that you had traveled imagine what stopped you in achieving a QUANTUM LEAP of 200% within a span of just 20% of the time that you had spent till now, then you will REALIZE how we can be instrumental in your way of LIFE and JOIN us to make your LIFE a place you want it to be.



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