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NLP for 21st Century


What is NLP?




How NLP is different from other workshop’s ?


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NLP for 21st Century

NLP The process of monitoring our thinking process and emotions which arises because of deep stored memories in our unconscious to delete, add the necessary components in contextual and content level so that the pattern of thinking and the process of thinking alters for the betterment to do the necessary actions, behaviors to be in the most RESOURCEFUL state.

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What is NLP?

“God may forgive your sins but your nervous system wont “ – Alfred Korybzki

NLP term refers to

Neuro - the process carried out by our nerve cells the neurons which carries the information, processes it and sends out as behavior,

Linguistic - Communicate within ourselves and others in the most empowering way

Programming - is systematic programming of strategies in mind for effective results.

NLP is oriented towards the process not on the Content.

All experience has a structure and NLP does help to work with it systematically.

Perception’s and based on these our brain delete, Distort and generalize. Deletion - Process where we delete many information, which we not interested in.

Distortion - Process where we take information in a distorted way.

Generalization-Process of prefixing and/or suffixing meaning to a information.

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While forming perception we take information in and add meaning to it through our senses.

1) Seeing
2) Hearing
3) Feeling
4) Smell
5) Taste

and these sense organs are adjusted and fine tuned in the process of COMMUNICATION to identify the required information needed and process it faster to present it for ultimate success.

Influencing People through the process of RAPPORT is a wonderful tool for one to develop trust instantly. This can be used by us every day and every time, Because we are in constant relationship with others.

Many more powerful process is available in NLP for you to make your self POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT and above all to perform at PEAK level

NLP strongly believes that all the RESOURCES are there with every one and by the Magnificent process of NLP one REDISCOVERS it, understand how to use it at the peak level.

NLP is for people who want to be a MASTER and not a SLAVE for oneself and also to others

NLP helps in understanding others first by understanding the self and understanding the structure of other's thought patterns with ease and work on their own pattern to achieve the result.

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How NLP is different from other workshop ’s ?

NLP works on the principle of process and not on the content (i.e what and why). NLP works on the fundamental parts of the human Brain (i.e nervous system which majorly is brain and also mind). Using NLP it is very easy to add new behavior or change existing behavior and it works on the level of thought process in the content as well as in the contextual level which is the fundamental part in the whole life process. One will easily understand the pattern’s to be changed and re program it with his/her own resources and implement it for his/her success.

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NLP for Educators

Optimal Performance for Teachers is based on NLP. Along with other benefit’s that has been stated earlier this program focuses more on

How to understand children and their method and pattern of learning.

How to make a child responsible.

How to change our way of teaching based on the child’s understanding.

How to effectively use question’s to help them out of unproductive beliefs and values by using power language patterns.

How to bring our self to the most resourceful state.

How to build relationship of assertiveness and more.

OPT – Optimal Performance for teacher’s helps as a bridge and to enhance all the knowledge that they already acquired and are in the process of acquiring and work in a completely integrated way.

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NLP for Executive Excellence:

This is a unique program for executives functioning in various departments in different level. Astonishingly the program is so unique because it is completely based on the most power technology of NLP. This workshop equips one

1. To enhance executive effectiveness and manage performance
2. How to use NLP in ever changing business environment
3. How be in the most resource full state of awareness
4. Building a strong relationship by understanding others
5. How to work towards win/win situation
6. How to use fear/pressure/anger and convert it into power and more.

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NLP for Youth:

MPower Youth workshop aim towards empowering the younger generation with the powerful technology of NLP. As Adolescence is a age of dilemmas, fears about unknown and they are in the initial stages in starting ,understanding relationships this program make them resourceful by first understanding themselves and their resources. MPower Youth helps them in gaining .

1) how to be calm and resourceful
2) how to handle difficult and pressured situation like examination, personale etc.
3) handle targets set in the project in academics as well as in their work.
4) Enhancing their skill of understanding other
5) working toward
s com mon goal
6) How to set goals and achieving it
7) how to handle criticism and make it to their advantage
8) enhancing their memory.
9) how to make powerful decisions and more..

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The program which deals with the secrets of

western scientist and eastern Rishis. The program is a one day program through which one understand the MIND and how to access the state of ALPHA (i.e bet 7 to 14 MHZ). Through this empowering program one will work with his subconscious mind which is the master and use its power to achieve ones

1) Goals
2) Health
3) Wealth
4) Relief from stress
5) Get out of Negative Thoughts
6) Improve Memory
7) Improve relationships
8) Improve Decision making power
9) Improve Concentration
10) Relief from Absent Mindedness And more.

HMP also teaches you about the Principles of Life force ENERGY and how to create and use it for one self and to others. You will know how to go in to a state of DEEP MEDITATION easily and faster and the most surprising part is that you will learn how to do this any where and at any time easily. HMP has a unique technique to erase emotions which is making your life so stressful. You will learn how to DOWSE a PENDULUM.

Till now many of them got this knowledge and using it in their day to day life and reaping astonishing benefits and enjoying an healthy ,wealthy and most successful life.

If you want to be one of them and make your life for your self and live it completely then you will realize the value of Hypno Mind Power and Register. Past Life Regression.


Past Life Regression

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